A man's relationship with gratitude.


On the weekend, a fellow yogi was describing the difficult relationships she has with her husband’s brother and sister. She described them as negative to the point of toxic. Despite their charmed lives, they remain dissatisfied with their lot in life.


When I asked why her husband isn’t like that, she laughed and said “He tells me I de-conditioned it out of him.” Being a naturally positive person, determined to see the beauty in life, she has modeled a new way for him. But the glass half empty perspective can be a tough pattern to break, so he’s recently taken on the powerful practice of gratitude.


While gratitude is commonly spoken of today, it can easily be replaced with focus on what’s not working in our lives. And without gratitude, no matter how much we have, happiness will evade us.


Despite the imperfections and inadequacies in your life, let’s assume the attitude of gratitude this week. Choose a time in your day, ideally the same time each day, to reflect on the things you are grateful for. You can make this a quiet solo practice or you can share gratitude exchanges with family, friends or colleagues. Imagine if gratitude replaced the current lunchtime conversations in your staff rooms?


On the first page of his new gratitude journal, my friend’s husband wrote at the top:

“I am thankful for my sexy wife, 

I am thankful for my family, 

I am thankful for my life, 

I am thankful for my sexy wife.”


The simple practice of gratitude can turn any mundane moment into an experience of magnificent beauty.


Have a wonderful, grateful week!