The first seven years.

Today, my first born is 7, which stands as a very significant landmark in her growth. Our lives are governed by natural cycles and the ancient sages who studied the intelligence of nature, identified that human development occurs in 7 year phases.

Between birth and 7 years of age is the most important phase of our whole lives, which is why we have parented with focused intent. The first 7 years of life are associated with the root chakra (energy vortex in the body), relating to our primal need for food, protection, love and relational connection. In Sufism, it is believed that the human spirit takes 7 years to fully embody this physical existence.

Our role as guardians is to shower these new spirits with love, to protect them from outside forces and then, not interfere too much. Like gardeners, we tend to our seedlings with love and care. We construct a protective fence around them, preventing the exposure of violence and overly stimulating influences. And then we encourage them to explore and learn.

With an awareness of the deep conditioning of this phase, that often creates permanent life long patterns, we’ve encouraged her to think for herself and follow her imagination.

The great spiritual teacher Osho implores that we encourage our children to disagree with us, how else are we to evolve as a species? If children remain uncorrupted for seven years, he says you will be amazed when you meet such children, they will be sharp as a swords.  They will have clear insight and tremendous strength, even more strength than a seventy year old person because their foundation was solid.

I asked Sophia what her most important learning has been so far and she replied, “Life might be hard, but you can’t give up, you just keep on going."