Who has time for that..

Structure is an essential element in our lives, giving us a framework within which to live. In terms of yoga, we consciously create structure in the core of our bodies through our bandha system. Without it, we experience instability. But what happens when we impress too much structure on our lives?

Take a moment to reflect on the demands you place on your daily life, and the lives of your offspring. We live in a culture that has every minute accounted for, rushing from work to school to hockey to dance and so on.

Too much structure in our lives can threaten our wellbeing and create imbalance, embedding us too deeply in the rigidity of the physical/material world. We then become absorbed in the realm of doing, and the stress related illnesses that go with it.

In yoga, there’s a beautiful term called Sahaja, which occurs when we move with the natural flow of our energy. Our systems need space to breathe, soften and just be. When we take down time, (ideally outside in the natural world), we connect to our subtle being and our natural rhythms.

This week, I invite you to slot in two periods of free time into your calendar. Protect it as though it’s your first priority.

Most of us in the west equate down time with TV watching or other passive activities that distract us from the rich potential of the moment.

Try a walk in the woods, or star-gaze and day dream. Go sliding with your children or slow dancing with your lover.   

Whatever you choose for free time; make it count and make it nourishing.

Have fun!