MC Yogi Rocks!

Imagine the rap culture infused with lyrics like “Namaste, share peace” and “Give your love away.” Well it’s happening and the young, radical MC Yogi is leading the way. I recently had the opportunity of experiencing him live in an intimate setting in San Fran, where he was born.

To provide you with some context on this growing celebrity’s life, here’s an excerpt from his website:

A tranquil early childhood was cut short by a surprise family implosion that led Yogi to all kinds of messy rebellion: dropping out of school, graffiti punkdom, pre-teen drug abuse and stealing cars. Hey, it happens.

What turned the tide on his life’s path was attending a yoga class with his dad one day. His days of running from the law have been replaced with mantras of Krishna, the God of love.

MC Yogi chose to change his story, and consequently his character, by the practice of drishti, which in Sanskrit means focus. Reading the Bhagavad Gita daily, his focus is locked on the great leaders of peace. He reminded us that today is Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and also the day that Obama is officially inaugurated again. He is a powerful leader of peace in his own right, because of the clarity and dedication to his focus.

Take a moment to ask yourself where your drishti, or your focus is? While most of humanity wallows in their pity party day in, day out, yogis like MC are re-inventing themselves and demonstrating some of the greatest human qualities that exist.

MC Yogi, thanks for modeling courage and love, and thanks for the great dance party!


Photo Courtesy of Yoga Journal Conferences and Double Secret Media