Taking Responsibility


In a fit of anger, she stormed out of the house. Spotting a mound of fragile shells on the driveway, she let her heated emotions loose by stomping all over them and crushing them to pieces.

When I was informed that my 4 year old had destroyed her neighbor’s treasures, I took her hand and guided her out to the scene of the crime.

“Honey, let’s talk about this mess. You know I love you no matter what, and anything you say will not change that, okay? Now instead of claiming you dropped the shells by accident, I invite you to stand tall and tell the truth.”

After much encouragement, my little devil slowly approached me with a diminutive gaze and whispered in her softest voice “I broke the shells mommy…”

Learning to take responsibility for our actions and our choices is a fundamental step to becoming an empowered individual. But many of us have learned to do the opposite: avert responsibility and place blame on the nearest scapegoat. And sadly, lives lived without a sense of responsibility are lives lived without truth, integrity and fulfillment.

Imagine if there was someone holding your hand, assuring you that you’d not be abandoned or die if you were to stand up and take responsibility for your life in this moment. What would your admissions be?

I’m not attempting to break you down, but rather assist you in moving toward the life you are dreaming of living. Taking responsibility for your life situation is the first and essential step in creating this dream life.

As we prepare for another whole new year, let’s get crystal clear on how we got where we are today. I invite you to own the crap you’re standing in right now so that you can map out a route that will lead you to higher and more inspiring ground.


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