YOU are now an enlightened leader!

Day 14 of Inner Radiance Cleanse

 Two weeks down, one week to go until the pinnacle day of Dec. 21st!

 It is said that RIGHT NOW, we have the greatest opportunity for evolution.

 Some of you have wholeheartedly dedicated yourselves to this path of waking up to higher, more effective and peaceful ways of living. Many of you have just begun with this cleanse. Regardless of how long, the point is you’re here.

 And because you’re reading this, means you have a curiosity for something better, a longing to grow. We are not meant to keep this drive for betterment to ourselves. Especially at this time, the world needs YOU to be a leader for positive change in some way.

 Enlightened leadership has no specific job description; it can fit into any situation.

 Where have you found yourself frustrated with leadership? How might you take action to enhance the leadership by offering your own gifts?

 An example: I’ve been frustrated by the sweets my kids receive weekly at a group they attend. Instead of complaining week after week, I have politely offered to provide healthier snacks. It can be as simple as that. 

You see, no one else is going to step in and make it all better or save us from our plight. It’s our job, and it can be our joy too; this work is juicy and deeply meaningful!

 Our community is here to support you in breaking out of your story of limitation to step into your potential. I will continue with the cleanse posts until Dec. 21st. That evening we’ll be holding a free candlelight celebration at all of our Breathing Space locations to summon our collective intent for this new era.

 Thank you, all of you, for caring enough to risk transformation.

 Hope to see you soon,


 PS: To support you further in gaining clarity on your highest vision, my husband Blair and I will be leading a full day Visioning Yoga retreat at the Chocolate Lake Hotel. Call 444-YOGA for details.