Day-7-Inner Radiance Cleanse

We adults have a tough time of it—we’ve somehow forgotten how to rest when we’re tired, to cry when we’re sad, and even dance when we’re inspired.

The practice of yoga is a process of re-embodiment, where we learn to listen to the natural needs of our system, instead of bulldozing past our limits. Our culture endorses a constant state of movement and ‘doing’, with workaholism at an all time high.
 As we embark on our seventh day of the Inner Radiance Cleanse, I invite you to try an exercise I did this week. After noticing that I was really depleted, I decided to take the next day as a Do Nothing Day. And I mean nothing—no exercise, no yoga, no meditation, no dishes, not even any eating.

 So what did I do?

I slept in. I took an hour-long bubble bath. I soaked in the fresh air. I lay down for a long session of yoga nidra (yoga of sleep). I fasted. And I cuddled with my gals.
 Anything that felt remotely like effort, or occupied my attention, I avoided. While it may sound luxurious, it actually took every morsel of discipline to stick to the nothing plan, as I am well trained in the other direction.

 Realizing it’s December and for some, the busiest time of the year, taking a full day may seem out of the question. But instead of feeling the excitement of the season, many of us are exhausted and stressed to maximum capacity (remember stress is the culprit for over 70% of current illnesses).

 Make today your Do Nothing Day. If you can’t do the full day, take a portion of it. The only instruction is to avoid doing anything.

Take time to breathe, rest, nurture, move freely and connect. I promise you’ll have a renewed perspective of the season when you step back into your life.

Thanks for cleansing with me,


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