Join the Inner Radiance Cleanse

Well we’ve made it to December 2012 and despite the apocalyptic predictions, the earth is still (somewhat) in tact. While some say we are closing in on the end of a 5,000 year old cycle, others claim it’s more like a 26,000 year period. And although this evolutionary transition is occurring over a 30 year period, general consensus tells us Dec. 21st 2012 is the peak date.

How are you reacting to this time? Some of us are content to remain in denial, while others are enjoying the debate. A lot of us are so damn stressed, we’re just surviving one day at a time. Having dappled in all of the above, I have settled in the stance that yes, there is a shift happening.

I notice it in my own life, as old crusty shadows bubble to the surface to be released and I become more spiritually attuned. I see it in our clients, struggling through the uncertainty of following their deepest dreams and pursuing their highest truth.

As we strive to be agents of positive change during this transformation, I invite you to join me for our Inner Radiance Cleanse from Dec. 1-21st. It involves no dieting, no herbs and no extreme exercise regime.

Let’s take the next 21 days to mentally and spiritually prepare for this new era. With awareness of our evolving Self, let’s rewrite the karmic contracts in our lives and purge the pain and limitation we’ve accumulated over the last 5,000 years.

Through my daily facebook posts, it is my intent to help you awaken your inner flame that regenerates your spirit and ignites your passion for life. The only tool you need is a new candle, which you can light each day, as a symbol for this inner journey. You may also want to invest in a new journal.

To complete this process, on the eve of Dec. 21st, we will be offering a studio wide Solstice Celebration at all of our Breathing Space Yoga Studios.

On Dec. 22nd, let’s wake up and greet the freshness of this new era with clarity, openness and joy. Are you ready to cleanse?

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