Act Now, Spread Peace!

This week marks my one year anniversary of starting this blog. I believe that the 35,000+ people who’ve read 120,000 pages is proof that humanity is craving positive news. Thank you everyone for your support, it is my hope that my life perspective continues to serve you in the future.

This past week I attended a deeply moving talk by Dr. Abuelaish, known as the ‘Gaza Doctor’ who lost three daughters in a bombing in 2009. Brought up in a refugee camp in Palestine, surrounded by violence and then losing his daughters just a year after the sudden loss of his beloved wife, it would be easy to see how he could lose faith in a higher order.

But his message is saturated with devotion and passion, as he said “Faith is what remains when all else is gone.” The fact that he had just left the room when the bomb struck was a clear sign that he was kept alive for a reason, and that reason is to be the voice of his daughter’s legacies.

They were all highly motivated academics, with plans of becoming a lawyer, a doctor and a journalist, which would have raised the bar for women in Gaza. His only surviving daughter was rushed to the hospital, where she spent four months recovering.  Despite the trauma of losing her siblings, her right eye and right hand, she said “I still have my left eye, bring me a book to study. I still have my left hand, bring me a pencil so I can learn to write again.” A few months later she wrote her final high school exams, scoring 96%.

He shares his life story in his compelling book “I shall not hate”, where he’s chosen to transmute his devastating losses into a fierce message of hope and perseverance. “One day, I will see you again my daughters, and I will be able to say ‘I kept you alive. Your blood made a difference in people’s lives.’”

“We have a lot to give in this world, we can start small but we need to act now!”

May Dr. Abuelaish’ impassioned message that “Peace is stronger than bullets” linger in our hearts this Remembrance Day week, as we reflect on our own contribution to the world.

Act now, spread love,