The Flared Pinky Pattern

During my hilarious debut as a model in the Turbine Showcase a few weeks ago, my friend Pierre Yves noticed that I walked the runway with my right pinky flared. When I saw this photo, I had a childhood flashback of my mother proudly modeling one of her newly hand-sewn outfits…with her pinky extended, Fancy Nancy style.

There are many habits I’ve inherited from my parents that I’m consciously aware of, but there’s clearly even more that are tucked away in the womb of my subconscious. My pinky behavior is but one example of studies that tell us children not only assume the temperaments of their parents, but also their postural idiosyncrasies.

The great news is, with the neuroplasticity of the human brain, it’s totally possible for us to move beyond our inherited pinky patterns, once we’ve established awareness of them.  

For the more signifcant patterns in our lives, we can turn to the wisdom of the ancients, who practiced a very effective form of mental purification (ishta-devata), where a student would visualize himself as a chosen deity and eventually grow to embody its characteristics. What deity or model has inspired you to be a better you? Can you imagine devoting all your mental attention to the qualities of a deity or a person of respect?

Intentionally superimposing higher resonating thoughts over expired one’s may take time to see the results show up in your life, but the cliché “Fake it ‘til you make it” really does work.

We are all inevitably influenced by the behaviors of those around us, but as we gain greater awareness of ourselves, we can consciously design our own path.

To pinky patterns and beyond,