Living Authentically

Authenticity: being true to one’s own spirit, regardless of perceived external pressure to be or do otherwise.

After spending much of my week writing and revising my key note speech for the Mount’s 38th Annual Business and Tourism Conference last night, I sat down Wednesday night to meditate and was suddenly flooded with fear. Oh No! It’s a business conference—they’ll be expecting to hear cutting edge news on social media and marketing, not my story of a resurrected life!

But they did ask to hear about my journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur. With all my resolve, I took deep breath and chose to let the wave of self-doubt subside; returning my attention to the heart felt speech I had crafted.

The Bhagavad Gita claims that it is better to live out our own dharma (life purpose), albeit imperfectly, than to live someone else’s, even if it’s done perfectly.

I needed to follow my own advice and live my yoga, by speaking authentically about entrepreneurship. Fortunately, all went superbly well. Those who approached me afterward were moved to tears and inspired to reflect on their own opportunities for growth.

Here are the key points of my speech:

Living authentically means listening so attentively to the voice within that it gradually becomes louder than the voices outside.

Your life purpose is a calling that pulls at the deepest part of you. When you are living your life purpose, you are highly productive, creative and joyful.

Do business from a place of personal integrity, passion for your product and service to others. When we turn our focus to the larger picture and to positively contributing to the whole of humanity, we tap into a universal vein of energy that fills us with creativity. It is in this state where goodness and abundance flows for all.

And finally, know that the very essence of who you are is wild, free, creative beyond measure and capable of just about anything!

Here’s to living your truth,