The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower, which is represented within the Breathing Space logo, is an ancient symbol in the yoga tradition, known as one of the greatest plants in the aquatic world. It’s meager beginnings start submerged in mud at the bottom of the pool. As it grows, it perseveres through the murky waters, gradually emerging to rest on the surface.

Having risen from the muck, this beautiful flower spends the rest of its life blessing the world with its intricate magnificence. The most intriguing part of the lotus is its self-cleaning mechanism—its petals actually have the ability to wipe away debris, to continually share its beauty and light. 

The meaning of the lotus seems to hold many parallels with the human condition. While many of us grow up in less ideal circumstances, we all have the ability to transcend our meager beginnings and rise to our highest potential.

We are embarking on a historic transformation in the human story, as we stand in the midst of our greatest opportunity to shake off the dirt and scum from our past and be an imaginably stunning version of ourselves.

Our 45,000 year old ‘modern’ brains are hardwired to think small, on a local scale, “What’s in it for me?” But we are slowly waking up to the reality that we have the capacity to affect change on a global level. When we lift our gaze from our obsessive preoccupations, we can glimpse the greater picture, and ask “How can I support the entire human population in fulfilling our potential?”

If you were to live from that question, how might your life change and expand?

Just like the lotus, we are all in the process of emerging from the depths of darkness with the technology to shake off resentment, fear, jealousy, hatred and deceit that comes with being human. Like the beauty of the lotus, it is our time to advance our consciousness, expand our perspective to see the big unbounded picture and allow a deep source of universal wisdom to lead the way.