Wake UP and Live it UP!

I know a woman who’s in the last phase of her life and still repeating the same ineffective relational patterns of her childhood. Hence, she continues to live at the same level of dissatisfaction, disharmony and struggle that she experienced as a child. This is a common cycle for us humans and it begs the question, why?

Behind the excuses and bravado that accompany our denial of the natural impulse to grow, is the paralyzing feeling of fear. What if you could break the habitual patterns of conflict and suffering simply by taking a deeper look? Many of us are afraid of having our worst fears confirmed; that we are unlovable and incapable.

We must remind ourselves that we were not born to sleepwalk through life, repeating the same wounds of previous generations who had no option but to focus on surviving harsh living conditions.

We now have the luxury of time and resources to WAKE UP to the true reality, which affirms that we can live with purpose and passion. And a little bit of self-examination can change the way we relate to one another, on a personal and global level.

Do you really want to go to your grave, knowing that you’ve spent your whole life repeating your father’s abusive behavior or your mother’s scarcity issues just because you were afraid? We are being called to step through the portal of suffering to a new paradigm that is conscious, alive, free flowing, creative, loving, mindful and compassionate.

This is a turning point in time, where we can stay asleep and fall victim to our unconscious, power-driven motives that are rapidly destroying the environment and each other…or we can wake up and tear off the straight jacket of convention. Our souls are wired for unbounded joy. We are meant to sing at the top of our lungs, dance wildly to the beat of our hearts and cheer on righteous action.

Yes, you can hurdle the obstacle of fear that every single person is faced with (including the inspiring giants of humanity). Guided by the force of the universe, you’ll step into a new world age that calls forth your beautiful gifts and talents.

Observe the negativity and fear that drives you, are you repeating negative patterns of your past conditioning? Mindful awareness opens us to ways of being that are charged with the high frequencies of positive contribution, love and inspired thought.

My love to you!




Jenny I appreciate your blog post for the message you are putting out there. I can relate first hand to what your saying and its words like these that remind me that the time is right now to keep going and dispel fear by pushing for that dream! Thank you :)

Wow!! I was struck by this sentence: "Behind the excuses and bravado that accompany our denial of the natural impulses to grow, is the paralyzing feeling of fear". Sooooo true! Namaste, my friend. xo