Flowing with the tides

In the ancient teachings of Ayurveda, there is a saying that “You can not step into the same river twice” because nature is always in a state of flux.

A few weeks ago, we did our annual pilgrimage to PEI, a paradise I’ve enjoyed for most of my life. The first few days were spectacular, warm, sunny, calm and quiet (see photo). We also had the additional bonus of having my parents with us so each morning Blair and I shared beautiful beach walks.

On the final day however, a storm surge had blown in. As I made my way to the shore, another dawn-loving couple spoke up about the surprising weather pattern, “In all our 15 years of coming to this exact spot, we’ve never experienced this!”

Walking over the dunes, I was greeted by sand whipping my face. I struggled to walk through deep sand near the banks since the waves consumed much of the beach. What was yesterday an endlessly smooth beach was now a disaster site covered with debris.

Our lives are no different from our beach experience, are they? We all know this deep down but we still fall into the trap of assuming each day will unfold in the same predictable manner as the day before.  And if we’re not assuming or taking life for granted, we’re clinging to sameness, pleading to the universe that life will not change.

Instead of clinging to consistency, we could greet each day with the knowledge that we cannot step into the same river twice, and flow with the natural laws of life.

Blair and I have a motto, which we recite often: “It’s either this or something better.” Through our intentions, we command that when change happens, it will propel us into deeper realms of joy, abundance and harmony.

This week, I invite you to accept the fundamental principle of change, and when you see the tides shifting, practice a little trust that all will be well.