Forty and Feminine!

Walking the shores of PEI on the full moon, I contemplated my fortieth birthday and the decade to come. For much of my life, I viewed the feminine as weak and inadequate. I now realize that my work here in this lifetime is to embrace her energy of love, creativity and compassion. Interestingly, many world leaders in science and spirituality believe that the survival of our species depends on our willingness to embody the feminine. This poem is the result of my reflections… 

Silver Moon, rising from the depths of creation
Luminous and wise, curvaceous and sensual
Your oceanic rhythm flows through my channels
With a power unmatched
Reminding me that love lives as equally in the darkness as in the light.

I embrace all of life, pushing nothing away
The suffering and separation with ecstasy and connection
For when I resist or bury emotion
A straight jacket of tension imprisons me
And your luminosity ceases to fill me.

Slow down and listen for her guidance,
You’ve stood on her for far too long
The cost of suppression is as expensive as swimming upstream.
Just exhale and unleash her!
Sway and float in her ancient waters of love and power.

I breathe into my ancestral womb
And remember my lineage of mothers and grandmothers
I accept the lunar path of the feminine
The ocean of love that soothes all souls
Through her tranquility, compassion and mystery.
Sweet feminine, I welcome your oceanic rhythm
Breathing the moon into my womb
What are you birthing through me, I wonder
I surrender in servitude, along for the joyride
And on the wave of silver rays,

I glow with clarity, harmony and love for all. 
Happy Full Moon!





Thank you Jenny for your great insight - you say it so well

Happy Birthday - I hope my 60th will have a great moon too!

Donna - one of the acolates from your NB cohort...