Your Destiny Awaits You


After a dramatic plea during a shopping spree at the mall this week, I reluctantly bought my eldest a dashing white ‘wedding dress’. When we arrived home, she came prancing out of her room with a proud, bright grin on her face. My breath stopped as I gazed in astonishment at the image before me.

Thirteen years ago I found myself in India, attending my first yoga training program. While preparing for our final yoga ceremony, I stood with a heavy heart waiting to make an offering of rose petals and rice to the fire pit. In a moment of despair, I asked myself and whoever else might be listening, “Why must I go through this agonizing process of facing my demons and letting them go?”

In an instant, an image came into view of a young girl in a white dress, absorbed in a joyful, free flowing dance. The answer was clear: I was releasing the generations of pain that buried me for much of my life, not only for my own freedom but for the children who would one day come through me.

With a new sense of purpose, I completed the ritual and continued to purge the past so as to grow into the woman I was born to be. This week, thirteen years later, the past image of my future daughter overlapped with my current reality in perfect synchrony.

Each one of us has a destiny written in our hearts, which will make itself known to us, one way or another. While my destiny spoke to me through an inner vision, you need not have psychic premonitions in order to have dreams fulfilled. Our destiny communicates to us through our deepest longings. They exist for the very reason of helping us become the best version of ourselves. And our thoughts and intentions are what give wings to our dreams.

This week, as we transition into the season of harvest, take time to daydream. What would you love to see manifest one day in your life? Have faith in your deepest longings, they are luring you toward your highest purpose!

One final note: my vision took thirteen years! But it happened. Most people get stuck or change visions when they attempt to impose their own time line on their destiny.

God’s speed my friends, God’s speed.




Love your thoughts Jenny.... It is not always the easiest path that leads us to find our dreams for sure,but I am sure there is a rainbow waiting at some point :)