Olympic Inspirations

Hello friends,

Hasn’t it been an exciting few weeks with the flurry of Olympic activity? The Games tend to leave us all inspired to strive for better in our own lives. But the media’s glamour and gloss is one perspective, and having worked with many of these athlete’s, I know that most of their time is spent in a different reality.

Before the Canada Games facility was built, our local athletes trained at Dal, doing yoga in a gym with broken windows, poor lighting and noise overhead. On a humble budget, they endure daily routines of excruciating workouts, showing heroic degrees of inner strength and unwavering dedication. We can only imagine the distractions and self-doubt that challenge their inner resolve to push on toward their dreams.

After his uncle introduced him to boxing, Custio Clayton made the powerful decision to give all of himself to sport, becoming the best athlete and role model he could be. And didn’t he demonstrate that in his final Olympic fight?

Despite a hand injury months before the Games, Mark De Jonge’s fierce dedication to excellence brought him home a medal. His quiet, intense demeanor is that of a warrior king, focused solely on his target. Funneling all his attention and energy toward his craft, he was willing to do whatever it took to reach his goal, including yoga. Congratulations Mark, you did it.

Don’t we all love the Olympics because they remind us of the latent potential that is waiting to be unleashed within us?

Just like our local athletes, we too may be living amidst imperfect circumstances for achieving our best. But while in the trenches of changing diapers, making lunches and tolerating work stress, we can still dedicate ourselves to a goal.

With the torch still glowing in our hearts, let’s piggy back on the energy of the Olympics and direct it toward our own personal dream. Clarify your goal and then set a daily intention to work toward it. We’d love to hear what you’re training for!

To our Olympians, we bow to you in deep respect.




Thank-you for sharing Jenny! I watched the Olympic highlights everyday and everytime I went for my morning walk I was in an Olympic race to complete my challenging 3 km walk. Also, my yoga practice seemed to improve from watching these inspiring athletes dig deep to reach their potential. It was so wonderful to see the whole world come together as many athletes hugged their counterparts at the end of races or matches out of respect for each other.  Thank-you Canada for making us proud!!