Newfoundland Beauty

I’ve just returned from a five day trip to NFLD, where I trained a group of teachers in yoga. It was an entertaining exchange: I taught them Sanskrit (the language of yoga), while they taught me Newfaneez.

Last night, just before I caught my flight, Rose Marie and her husband Troy (who’s native) took me on tour, showing me the legendary ‘Man in the Mountain’ and the beautiful Humber River. At the entrance of Marble Mountain, Troy pulled over to show me the majestically detailed Totem Pole his cousin had carved.

Curious about the passing down of spiritual traditions, I asked how his cousin learned this exquisite art. He replied, “One day he just picked up a stick and instantly saw symbols. He started carving a bear, then an eagle, and the craft began flowing through him. He’s not had a formal lesson in his life.”

In our modern day approach to life, we narrowly assume that knowledge can only be gleaned through intellectual means. But people of all cultures, steeped in spiritual tradition, have experienced this psychic transmission from generations gone by, or from a mystical spiritual presence.

Have you ever considered that by solely focusing on acquiring intellectual knowledge, we might be robbing ourselves of a deeper well of wisdom that is readily available?

One way to tap into this vein of spiritual wealth is to spend time immersed in the natural world. Troy’s great Grand Father was known to disappear for three weeks at a time, wandering the wilderness in a vision quest of sorts.  Spending introspective time in nature and living harmoniously with the animal kingdom, provided him with much needed spiritual renewal.

This week, let’s take the time to explore the richness of nature and be open to receiving her many gifts of wisdom and renewal.

Lord Tundrin’ Jeezis, have a great weekend!




I speak it, now I know how to spell it too! Hope your trainings take you to the East Coast of our island sometime.

Judi C

 Breathing Space Graduate YTT May 2009