"Healing through Connection."

Hi friends,

I am enjoying my final few days at Berwick Camp, a camp that I’ve attended each summer of my life. There are people here who cared for me like a parent when I was a child, people to whom I can now return the same care as they age.

There is also a young boy here who is very special to me, since I taught his mother prenatal yoga when he was in utero. About four years ago, after a battle with breast cancer, she died peacefully, trusting that her husband, along with friends and family, would raise her little one.

Yesterday I saw this special little man sitting on a bench by himself, with a quiet, mysterious longing in his eyes. In service of the promise I gave his mother before she died, I approached him and tenderly wrapped my arm around his shoulder. Although our conversation was fairly superficial, the precious unspoken connection we shared left me in tears.

It amazes me how our deepest soul wounds occur within the context of relationships, while at the same time, the only way we can truly heal is through this contact with others.  

What goes on here at Berwick is very similar to what unfolds in our yoga: a softening of the armor that was constructed so early to manage life’s pain. By moving beyond the stress of separation to courageously connect with others, we grow closer to our natural state of openness that we felt as children.

As one woman was leaving my yoga class yesterday, she shared an emotional revelation. “I just realized how isolated and sad I feel at home, and this kind of connection is the answer.”

Is there part of you holding back from having authentic connections in your life? Remember, we heal best in the caring company of others. 

Love to you,




Namaste. Connections, like Love, are very stong. Special people contribute to both. I am so blessed to know two of the individuals mentioned above. Both are prime examples of living the message of love.