50 Shades of Grey

“Sweeping her off her feet and dipping her in a dramatic hold so that her hair touches the ground as he kisses her hard…” You gotta hand it to them, these Grey boys are romantic and sexy.

After a few friends reported that women are becoming aroused like never before from reading this series, I purchased the first book. With some reluctance (I don’t typically read fiction) I opened to chapter eight. Beginners luck.

As a therapist and a woman with her own sexuality (and wounds…does anyone grow old without them?) I am noticing a few key themes.

Firstly, I think all women long to be treated with such care: he calls her by name, he places full attention (and skill) on pleasuring her, and he can predict her desires before they arise. Would you agree that there’s nothing sexier than a partner meeting your needs before they’re even spoken?

Secondly, outside of pornography, there is no opportunity to truly explore our sexuality, with all its hedonistic fantasies and crazy desires. The yogic texts remind us that the human realm is both sacred and profane. Do we love this book because it blatantly lays out the darker side in all of us, within a formal Non disclosure agreement? I wonder if there would be less sex crimes if we were taught how to share our sex secrets and process our baggage within a caring, non-judgmental relationship.

I believe that true healing and wholeness can only occur through loving human connection. For many years, I broke into tears after intimate contact, as my wounds surfaced and released from my cellular structure. After exploring the roots of these wounds, I can now fully embrace the beauty of my own sexuality.

What is this series awakening in you?

That’s all for now, I must get back to chapter 11!


PS - Thanks Steve Currie for the photo!



I register with what you said about breaking into tears after intimacy for a long, long time, and I didn't think much of it at the time.. but it was only with the truly breathtaking moments that left me vibrating. I think my inner scars were trying to break through, to have me embrace the truth and the wonder and explore who I am without shame or fear..


This book had me from the first chapter, and not because it is raunchy, but because of the passion, because of the rawness that show itself to both characters in that which they cannot deny, their minds say one thing while their hearts and bodies said another. I took this into me and decided to practice tenderness with myself and my partner [(Along with another few aspects of the book I shall not name ;) ]


Thanks Jenny, well written as always!