Heart Centered Parenting


Blair and I were asked at the Berwick Fest how we share our wisdom with our children. I humbly offer you my answer, which involves the four basic human needs according to Maslow, also known as the four A’s. Here is how we nurture our gals’ growing spirits…

Although our lives are very full, we take time each day (some days only a few minutes) to give each child our full attention. What does that look like? We position ourselves face to face and actively listen undistracted, with eye contact. This sends the message that what they say matters to us.

When the girls demonstrate kindness, respect or yielding, we jump to acknowledge the gesture. It’s enjoyable for everyone to emphasize the good, while helping to shape their moral compass.

I often say “Thanks for choosing me, I really appreciate our relationship.”

Physical affection is essential for proper development and recent studies show that it can give children the added bonus of becoming optimistic adults.

We book end our day with affection; first thing in the morning to fill our cups with love and the end of the day to soothe stimulated nerves and send them into a sweet dreamy nights sleep.

During my years of starvation, as frustrated as my mother was, she stood firmly by my side and never let me go. I knew that she loved me unconditionally, even in the depths of my brokenness.

I affirm to the girls that I love them, no matter what. It is my hope that they will be able to confidently own their mistakes, without them compromising their self worth.

Like sponges soaking up their environment, we also see the value in modeling self-care and spiritual practice. It is so fun to receive their renditions of yoga and meditation.

Instead of growing up, having to spend their adult lives mending their childhood wounds, wouldn’t it be cool if our children had the freedom to step into life with a solid sense of wholeness?

Children are like seeds, if we nurture their fundamental human needs, they may just blossom into beautiful expressions of spirit.

Love to you,

Photo by: Steve Currie