A Dream Fulfilled

Here I sit beneath a canopy of hemlocks at Berwick Camp, having just spent a delicious half hour meditating with my team of volunteers (one still in pajamas). Upon waking this morning, I quickly recalled the immensity of the day--the first day of the Berwick Yoga Festival.

Last week we dropped into the new Pavia Gallery and coffee shop, which has quickly become a going concern. We talked about how important it is to have a strong vision for our businesses, but even more importantly, a passion for what we offer.

The Berwick Yoga Fest is for me, the manifestation of a life long dream; to create a space where people can live together for a time, sharing meals, prayer, movement, silence, music and joy.
For the last eight years I have been working toward this moment and today, 100 yogis will be a part of this dream fulfilled.

What vision is incubating in you? I encourage you to keep stoking its fire with your intentions and daydreams, while releasing attachments to time and form. Remember, dreams must begin in the non-material realm of thoughts and ideas before they manifest in physical form.

If you are joining us today, we are ready to welcome you with open arms. If you are not registered but have a tugging curiosity to be here, come along!

For those of you in this virtual community who can’t be with us, I am holding you close to my heart. Thank you for being a part of my life and contributing to this ongoing exploration of life and love.




CONGRATS Jenny, I'm sure the weekend will be amazing!  I'm off chasing another dream this weekend (very nearby to you all) and will be thinking of you as I spin my wheels.  Namaste. 

Congratulations, Jenny! You continue to inspire me. Both you and Blair have had a tremendous impact on my life. Sincere thanks and I cannot wait to see you later today!

I wish I could be there withyou all. Instead I have sent my best friend, Kelly Zinck. Look out for her she is so much fun to be around!  She knows no one else going but as I told her, there is no way she could not feel welcomed in a space you have craeted for sharing. ENjoy! 


Envy is not very Yogi, but some sort of desire to be there sharing the wonder is perking within me. Not a malicious sort, just one of desiring to be in two places at once. Of course, I am right where I need to be right now. In three short weeks I too will be blessed to be under those same hemlocks that you fortunate yogis are experiencing now. Enjoy the stillness, embrace the interuptions. Listen to the trees, they are old and wise.