Heart Wide Open

I humbly share this transformational experience with you.

As I write this, I am attending my final training session in Ayurvedic Medicine at the Chopra Center in sunny California.

While I am feeling incredibly blessed to be here, during the first few days I noticed myself being highly agitated by one of the instructors. In fact, every time she spoke I grew increasingly irritated; quietly complaining that she should be doing it this way or that.  We’ve all experienced judgement and I think you’d agree that there’s nothing pretty about it.

I could feel unease building in my body from this righteous attitude, which stood out as strikingly opposite to my life mission. So yesterday, instead of buying in to my wrong-making, I approached the irritation with curiosity. In meditation, I asked myself, “How does this righteousness show up in my body?” An image of a person with a puffed up, rigid, armored chest appeared. Then I asked myself, “What would a healthier perspective look like in my body?” And an image of a compassionate woman arose, with her heart open wide, flowing with love. Now that was more like it.

To clarify, this is the equation I was given:
Righteousness = stiffness, frustration and isolation.
Compassion = open-heartedness, connection and love.

The most appealing option is obvious isn’t it? So this morning, I humbly entered the class with a compassionate, open heart and softened into my breathing whenever the need to be right showed up.

Then something brilliant and amazing happened…she skillfully taught a beautiful, nourishing class! And to solidify the lesson, while we were settling into relaxation pose, she tenderly covered me with a blanket and gave me a neck massage. I have no doubt she felt the shift in my attitude, which led her to safely connect with me. As she rose to move on, I whispered a thank you through tear-filled eyes and we exchanged a unifying hand squeeze.

When we notice self-righteousness or criticism creep in, let’s give our attitudes an adjustment and remember that Love truly is the highest resonating force in the universe. Without it, we are alone…but with love, we become part of the human family.

I’ll be sharing nuggets of ancient wisdom from the Ayurvedic model at the Berwick Yoga Fest, see you in two weeks!




You are indeed a blissful example of love personified. Its an honour to know you. Wishing peace and good breathes.

Goosies all over!! Beautiful  experience .


I wonder what we would become if we spent more moments in quiet meditation asking questions like the one Jenny did, "how does this righteousness show up in my body?" instead of attacking ourselves for exploring our own  paths of natural evolution?  Beautiful post Jenny!  Namaste

Hi Jenny,

I found your blog through the Acadia Alumni facebook page....This is your best post yet and a valuable lesson for us all.