From Newsflash to News Fast

In grade 6 I went for a sleepover at my friend’s house. It would have been a great night, had her parents not shown the movie, Friday the 13th! I came home the next day, frightened out of my tree. I was so scared that I was terrified to step outside the front door, in fear of being hunted down by a guy with long bloody nails and a hockey mask. Granted I grew up without TV, but this one video haunted me throughout my entire youth.

Today, we all know how graphic the news is, especially visual news that often has horrific photos that no one should be privy to. I recently snuck a peak at the front page to see ‘breaking news’ of the dismembering murderer and the Eaton’s mall shooting.

You may think you’re desensitized to it, but I guarantee that this toxic information is contributing to your life in very real and subconscious ways. When we are constantly exposed to traumatic news, we create emotional networks of fear and distrust. Despite our disgust, we’ll still be drawn to it because we have memorized these feelings in our systems.

Like an addiction, it takes discipline to change our minds and starve the part of us that is sickly drawn to negative media influences. Just as we learned on our first two wheeler bike to reverse the direction of our peddles in order to stop, we need to change directions in our minds, away from the negative toward the positive.
When we’re preoccupied with the horrors of modern life, we miss exquisite moments like the one I shared with my girls last night; lying on the grass gazing up at the sky, knowing all is well with the world.

The next time you’re lured into hearing about victims of violence, press on your breaks and go do something nourishing. Whether it’s reading an uplifting book, cuddling with your dog, listening to the crickets or making love, do something that dremches your soul with grace and goodness.



Photo by: Martin Jardine



Thanks Jenny,  this really resonated with me today as Ive been struggling with my daughter recently getting an Ipod & now having access to the internet and all the gory, disturbing content that comes with it....I dont want to completely 'shelter' her,  but also dont want her mind subjected to all that toxicity.  

Thanks for sharing.  ;)



Yes, the news can tell us tales of terrible violence and unimaginable ugliness.  Sometimes, dreadful things happen that hit us closer to home.

Our small Cape Breton community is grieving the loss of two teachers from our school board.  They were killed in a highway accident just yesterday.  One was an amazing musician and wonderful music teacher here in Sydney.  The other his wife.

Your blog reminded me to breathe in ..... but then to breathe out as well.



It's kind of amazing the amount of time and peace that opens up in our lives when we reject the media manipulation and the fear teachings that are constantly being broadcast.. Allowing repeated projections of horror to dominate our thoughts and numb our spirits is indeed tragic. These pictures and ideas do nothing but paralyze us. Cutting the cord to this violence addiction and rewiring our brains (little neuroplasticity) presents the opportunity and the space for us to each find possibility, hope, love and our own unique gift to share with the world. What could be a greater freedom then that? Great post Jen!