Aging into Beauty

Last week as I was driving along, I reached back to help Bella with her water bottle and caught a glimpse of my reflection in the rearview mirror. 

As much as I’d love to say that I am perfectly content with the aging process, I’ll admit that I do spend time and energy preserving my youth. But in this moment, my instant reaction to my reflection was that of acceptance. Actually, it was even better than that. A voice inside me said, “So that’s what beauty looks like at 40.”

Not only was it a moment of complete acceptance of where I exist on the span of life, but it was a moment of transcendence; where all doctrines of beauty disappeared, enabling me to see my sweet little wrinkles as my current expression of beauty now.

Imagine if we all lived each day in that state of acceptance of our own unique expression of beauty. Imagine shifting your relationship to your bulging muffin top or graying hair from one of repugnance to one of celebration? I can hear you exhaling deeply.

Back when Blair was a boy, society saw moles as a sign of beauty. Women who had moles on their face would accentuate them with eyeliner. If the definitions of beauty continue to change according to most recent trends, why can’t we start a beauty trend that accentuates all of the areas we try so damn hard to conceal or improve?
As a mom of two, stepping into my forties this fall, I am newly committed to embracing the evidence of my age by creating a new ‘beauty’ paradigm that celebrates my sparkle and fascination for life.

You wanna come along?




Not that I ever made a habit of watching Oprah, but I did see a few minutes once that I carry with me every day. The line told to Oprah was "Where I am right now, is where I am meant to be". That line has given me strength far beyond my ability. Whatever challenge life has thrown at me, or joy I have been blessed with, I approach it with the knowledge that I am meant to be 'there' right now. From births, deaths, job loss, travel, and even a piece of pie, to utter joy in a child's laughter, and solemness of the bittersweet moments, all have made me what I am.

Wrinkles are but one of those 'meant to be's'. A proved record of been there, done that. A visible badge of life's honour for simply showing up, living, and breathing everyday. Not a small accomplishment, given all that life throws at each and every one of us on a daily basis.

"Beauty" is but an artifical facade of someone else's ideal. True beauty lives within us, composed of all that we are, have been, and are yet to be. Wrinkles are but life's explaination mark on a body well lived.

I am with you! I feel more beautiful at 41! All the lines that are on my face are trails of where laughter has traveled. I wouldn't want to erase those memories! There is history in this body!

My gratitude to your for taking the time to reply to my writing, it is wonderful to hear your thoughts and feel our connection.


I sure do want to come along!  What a delightfully refressing posting.  Jenny you are a gift of positive energy, beauty and love.  Thanks for being who you are and sharing 'you' with us.