The Teacher's Path

“This yoga journey has awakened me to living a conscious, balanced life of inner peace. I feel the power of love, compassion and gratitude every time I step onto my mat.”
Teacher training graduate.

This weekend, we will be conducting our eleventh teacher training graduation ceremony. There is little else I love more in life than facilitating these teacher training programs, because I have the honor of witnessing heart’s awaken.

Neem Karoli Baba once said, “Often one goes for one thing and finds another.” Many people come to the decision to do yoga because they have an appreciation for the physical practice and the way they feel when they walk out our studio doors. But behind that desire to expand their knowledge of the form and function, is a deeper, often subconscious, longing for awakening.

Health can be described as returning to the memory of wholeness, and the word wholeness shares the same root as healing, holiness and home.

What’s most remarkable about yoga is how it draws us deeper and deeper into ourselves. Like a home-coming, yoga helps us to return to the vibrant, joyful, childlike quality of our true self. But these rewards do not come without effort and dedication.

Committing to a regular practice or taking on the teacher’s path, calls us to dig deep into ourselves; to break the draining habits of running from our wounded-ness and concealing our scars.

When we courageously and compassionately sit with all aspects of ourselves—our light as well as our shadow—our presence begins to illuminate the darkness. Like a flicker of light in a darkened room, we begin to awaken to feeling truly free, filled with immeasurable joy and alive to the infinite possibilities of life.

We can all embark on this journey of awakening and return to the memory of wholeness by opening the door one breath at a time.



If you’re curious about looking deeper into your life, join us on the teacher’s path!  

Photo by 2012 graduate Steve Currie.