New York, New York

This past week I snuck away for a 48 hr solo trip to NYC. Upon arriving, I dumped my stuff and headed for the streets to take in the electric city that people rave so favorably about. My virgin perspective on big cities had me in awe at the numbers of people packing the sidewalks and stores on a Sunday evening. How is it possible for a city of that size to function as smoothly and efficiently as it does?

My mind wandered to a concept called Entrainment, which occurs when our own biorhythms (bodily cycles and rhythms) synchronize with the rhythms of our environment.

We entrain our energies in almost every close relationship, babies entrain with the beating of their mother’s heartbeat, couples often share the same mood rhythms and women who live together will often share the same menstrual cycle. Although the pace of living in NY operates at a remarkable speed, pedestrians and vehicles seem to co-exist in a fluid unified dance, thanks to entrainment. 

This concept gives me hope for us as a species. If we continue to stand for kindness, harmony and peace in our personal worlds, we can have a colossal impact on the collective, because of our strong rhythmic connection. Deepak is no stranger to this idea, which is why he organized a grand scale meditation in Union Square, NY, yesterday.

The Joseph Kony movement is another powerful example of what we can do when our consciousness unites positively. Today is the date set to reveal one of the worst crime leaders in the world, who has abducted over 66,000 children (for more info visit

As we motor through our lives, take some time to consider the ripple effect of your thoughts and intentions. As each one of us wakes up, we naturally take others with us. Keep breathing, meditating, serving and loving—it all makes a difference, even in NY!