Embracing life, death, life...

This time of year is symbolic in so many ways of the natural cycles of the universe. One of Blair’s most profound teachings in our teacher training programs is the concept of life—death—life.

Everything has a season for living and a season for dying. When we buy flowers, their petals are still curled and brimming with potential. At the peak of their lifespan, we showcase these flowers in our homes and enjoy their radiant blossoms. As they begin to wilt and run out of steam, we remove them and toss them in the compost.

This cycle of life, death, life is present in every moment of our lives, from the brief conversations we share at the grocery store to the love relationships that sustain us. Whether we’re resisting the life we were born to live, or clinging desperately to something that needs to die, when we resist either phase in this cycle, we arrest the flow and create disharmony.

As a dear friend of mine transitions through a divorce, there are contrasting feelings of grief and loss, intermingled with anticipation and excitement. Such is the process of life, death, life. Even if loss is the overwhelming feeling, your tears are nourishing buds of hope beneath your feet. And although a shift in your life might be enormously positive, we must still acknowledge the sadness of letting go of what was.

This is a perfect time of year for us to reflect on the aspects of our lives that we need to release and let die. Is there something in your life that you’re clinging to, even while it’s already dead?

Tossing out the wilted flowers will create space in your life for a new, fresh and fragrant bouquet. Is there something that is longing to be born, or reborn inside of you? Take a few deep breaths and allow the beauty of new life to emerge through you this week.

To life in full color,