The Miracle of Child Birth

“Help me Jenny PLEASE!” cried my friend Heather. I felt helpless, knowing that only she could do the work required to push this baby into the world. Having been asked to be her birthing partner, I stroked her face when she rested and held her tightly when another contraction arose, providing as much reassurance and love as possible.

Aware of her intention to do this naturally by summoning all of her strength, the tone was set with music, sisterhood and unwavering confidence. Sitting on the birthing ball in focused attention, she exuded the archetypal laboring mother of thousands of years back. By letting herself enter the ‘birthing zone’, she was able to access her warrior spirit, enabling her to endure what seemed like the impossible at the time. For most of the hard labor, she rode the wave of her contractions with closed eyes and steady breathing.

Two experienced, older nurses who understood the rigors of natural labor accompanied us. We were told that most nurses nowadays don’t have the opportunity to support a natural birth, and the OBGYN who mainly sees intervention-based births, brought three med students in to witness the occurrence.

A healthy baby is the number one priority. Whether you received intervention or not, I hope you implant into your memory of your birth(s) a sense of accomplishment. No matter how you do it, labor is laborious.

However, child birth is too often approached as a condition to be treated, instead of the very purpose of the female anatomy. As the reliance on medical intervention increases, a woman’s confidence in her body can diminish, stealing the chance for her to go to the edge of her limits and feel the rewards of doing so afterward.

In the presence of Heather’s four closest women, which she referred to as her own Red Tent, little Baby Liam entered the world. He was met with a chorus of cheers, surrounded by love. I am awe struck by the miracle of child birth and am reminded that each child born has a special contract to fulfill here on earth. As I gathered my things together in a post-birth fog, our lovely nurse Liz gave me a hug and said “Thank you for this experience, you’ve restored my faith.” It seems that Baby Liam’s purpose began with his birth.

Have a wonderful week everyone, and congratulations Heather!


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Congratulations Heather!!

I enjoy reading all of your blogs Jenny very much.  The miracle of birth is just that, a miracle....and I am touched by the part in your story where the nurses and students are in awe of a "natural" childbirth.  That makes me a little sad as we women have so much energy and power inside of us, why does "modern medicine" seem diminish this? 

I was blessed to give birth to my two girls in Goose Bay, Labrador where midmives were and are a huge part of the birthing process.  Drugs, and intervention are seen as emergencies, epidurals are rarely given. The obsetrician was never present for my girls, and the presence of a doctor was simply a formality.  Those women are such a gift to the whole processnot just for the mother, but for the baby as well.  I so wish more women had that type of a positive empowering birth experience.

Your friend and baby Liam are lucky indeed to have had your presence as part of  their birthing story.

As I finish this comment, oddly enough, I am off to observe a Baby Yoga class here in Sydney! Oh Joy!



Congratulations Heather! :)