Negative Ions and Your Health

Happy March Everyone!

As we say goodbye to Old man winter, you may look back on the last three months and realize you’ve responded the way we typically do to challenging climates; by retreating indoors. Although this hibernation tendency is perfectly natural, it has its pitfalls regarding our health.

In all of our school programs, I strongly urge teachers and parents to pull their students outside as frequently as possible. Being outside, and more specifically surrounded by nature, provides us with pretty compelling health benefits. Natural environments not only calm our nervous systems and boost our energy, they possess very fast moving molecular particles called negative ions that have great impact on our well being. 

Negative ions are found in natural settings with flowing water, like rivers, beaches and waterfalls, as well as lush forested areas, while the lowest concentrations are found indoors and in high traffic areas—zoiks!

From a wellness perspective, negative ions facilitate cellular healing, accelerate cleansing, and increase oxygen flow to the brain, resulting in better physical and mental health. They also increase our levels of serotonin, alleviating depressive and stressful states. On the flip side, if we spend too much time in areas that are positively charged, we may develop stress related conditions, arthritis, migraines, insomnia and fatigue.

Armed with this knowledge, it has been a long standing dream of mine to hold a retreat within a natural setting, to enjoy all the things that bring us lasting peace. For me, one the most sacred places in the world is a family camp in Berwick, which I’ve attended my whole life. Nestled within 27 acres of old growth forest (and gobs of negative ions), these grounds have been my healing sanctuary and the trees, my healers.

Last year, while strolling through camp, I felt the call to organize a yoga event and from this idea, the Berwick Yoga Festival was born.
I am very excited to invite you to join me and our maritime team of teachers and volunteers, on July 6-8th for three days of yoga, meditation, riveting presentations and gourmet food.  It being a full fundraiser for the camp, I trust you will find the pricing affordable. Our yoga classes will serve both the practiced yogi and the complete novice, so all levels of experience and ability are welcome.

When a group of people come together with the collective intent to relax, learn, laugh and connect, absolute joy and miracles result. I hope you will follow your inner curiosity and join us in this very special experience.

Note that we can accommodate up to 200 people so take advantage of our early bird registration and secure your spot. To register, visit

In the meantime, step outside and take deep breaths, knowing you are nourishing your system with much needed negative ions!