Celebrating my youthful husband

I’m writing this week’s entry in celebration of my husband, who turns 58 this weekend.
People are frequently shocked when they learn there’s almost 20 years between us, partly because what we have seems to really work, and partly because Blair neither acts or looks like a man approaching 60 (in fact, he often acts about 11).

Over the years, I have reflected on what it is that contributes to his youthfulness. The following is my answer, which I believe we can all learn from.

The first and most obvious is his beautiful, loving wife…just kidding.

Emotional Wellness
One trait that I greatly admire about Blair is his commitment to connection. One minute we can be red in the face in the most heated argument and a few moments later he’s reaching out for an embrace. He doesn’t hold on to minor grievances as some might do to punish their partner for hurting them. We both return to love quickly because we realize Blair has more years behind him than he does in front of him (maybe). His first priority is love, thanks to Ebe, his Italian momma!

Living the moment
Rain or shine, Blair’s out the door each day for at least an hour long walk. Unlike me who has to work at it, he’s not worried about the work he left behind. When Blair’s walking, he’s enjoying walking. When he eats ice cream, he doesn’t contaminate it by worrying about the caloric impact; he savors every bite (sometimes a bit too much).

Celebration Attitude
We recently ran into a friend while out for dinner, who asked “What are you celebrating now?” Each day Blair raises his glass and asks what it is we’re celebrating today. When he hears good news, he fully immerses himself in it, aware that challenge is lurking around the corner.

Energetic Wellness
Blair intentionally welcomes his playful, silly child archetype (which still remains in you too). Last week he showed off for us by bombing around the rink like a free spirited child. We all know how serious adult life can be and Blair reminds me of the importance of incorporating fun into our days.

Blair lives youthfully because of his youthful habits and attitudes. By realizing we are more than just an aging physical body, we all have the ability to slow down the aging process. The mind and body are intricately interwoven and changes in one, creates changes in the other. Although he is 58, Blair has chosen to live with the attitude of a 45 year old.

Take a moment to reflect on your age and ask yourself how young you would like to be? By resetting our age in our minds and adopting an attitude of vibrant youthfulness, we can enjoy longevity with optimal health and celebration.

Happy Birthday Honey!




Happy happy birthday Blair!

Joyeux Anniversaire Blair!   Santé! xx

Happy Birthday Blair!  Love what you wrote Jenny.  Love and miss you all!

Happy Birthday Blair!!

Happy Birthday Blair!   I never would have thought you were 58,  you look great!   Nicely said Jenny... You guys are so inspiring, you can always feel the 'love'  between you & its so refreshing & beautiful. 


Keep rockin' that 45 Blair!  Have a magnificent year!  Lve you!

Blair is wonderful and it says a lot that you are his partner.  :)  Happy Birthday to Blair and congratulations on your admirable ability to appreciate one another!  I loved hearing about it, thank you for sharing!  Hugs to you both...

The reasons for Bair's eternal youthfulness are words to live by! I am enjoying reading all of your words of wisdom, Jenny, at a time when my life does not seem to allow for conversations other then work!  xo