Tantra for Valentine's

Some of life’s greatest gifts are free and with Valentine’s right around the corner, I thought we’d explore a few yogic techniques that heighten sensual pleasure, known as Kama (as in the Kama Sutra).

Practicing yoga not only increases one’s well being and mobility, it can also enhance sexual fulfillment for a few key reasons. As we journey to the self, we become clear about what we need to feel nourished on all levels and naturally develop the confidence to communicate that. Additionally, the deep relaxation response that accompanies most classes slows the heart rate and blood pressure while boosting anti-aging and sex hormones.

In Ayurveda, when we experience daily restful awareness, as we do in relaxation pose or meditation, we cultivate ojas, the flexible fluid essence of our physical bodies. When this fluid is abundantly flowing, we can more readily enjoy the gifts of sacred sexuality, which include Sensuality, Sexuality and Spirituality.

Although the focus of yoga is not to heighten one’s sexual stamina and orgasmic potential, applying this practice of Mula Bandha can do all that.

Mula Bandha engages the muscles in the pelvic floor to enhance stability during asana. This group of muscles is also referred to as the love making muscles, spanning front to back from pubic bone to tail bone and side to side, between sitz bones. They cover the entire pelvic floor like a trampoline and when strengthened, can greatly enhance sexual pleasure.

While the buttocks muscles are not part of this specific contraction, initially it might be easier to engage the entire pelvic region and gradually refine our direction. Sit comfortably with feet on the floor and inhale as you gently contract the buttocks and the entire pelvic floor. Exhale, completely relax. Do ten more rounds, this time attempting to contract only the vaginal/penile muscles and the rectal muscles (aswini mudra), while keeping the buttocks relaxed.

If you can do your repetitions without contorting the face, this practice is subtle enough that you can do it just about anywhere. By learning to contract these genital muscles at will, you’ll notice great improvements in your libido and more spontaneous sexual pleasure.

With practice women, you’ll be able to focus your tone in the G-spot (a super sensitive area along the vaginal wall, an inch or so up from the opening) and enjoy new heights of arousal and energy release.

There you have it, a new and exciting way to say Namaste and Happy Valentine’s Day!