Enjoy the Feast!

In my newsletter this month, I wrote about one of my teachers Dr. David Simon, who passed away this week after a year long struggle with cancer.

I feel profoundly blessed to have received his teachings in the last year of his life, as he spoke candidly about his diagnosis and the spiritual insights that accompanied his illness.

On my last visit, he shared a very interesting perspective that has altered my view on longevity. Having found peace with the reality of his mortality, he said “You know, I’ve realized throughout this process that in the big scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter if you live 60, 70 or 80 years…its about the moments you capture while you’re here.”

While I’ve heard this spoken before, the way he said it in his state of heightened wakefulness, gave me a new perspective on being present.

It’s so easy to slide into the rut of the day to day, to feel bored, stuck and unappreciative. But when you spend time with a highly evolved soul who’s living with a death sentence, there is a magic and a sacredness that oozes into each moment that brings our lives to life.

The following is an excerpt from The Wisdom of Healing, where David reflects on death:

 “At the last moment, after all, what if there are still a lot of things  we want to do? It won’t be the new films we’ll be missing; we’ll  be helpless to recapture the days and nights we wasted in worry,  or the hurt we inflicted, or the love we failed to return. By  experiencing every day to the fullest, we can eliminate regrets and  leave the table without hunger when the feast is finished.”

This week, I invite you to tuck David’s legacy in your heart and with present moment awareness, enjoy the feast!  

To watch a video on David’s legacy, visit lovefordavid.com