Reach up and grab the apple

Happy Friday Everyone!

Sometimes when I begin meditation, I will mentally scan my energy body to ensure that every part of me is relaxed and open to connecting to the great mystery within the present moment. On the meditative path, one can have very interesting experiences, which to the seasoned meditator may be a common occurrence but for a novice, may seem totally bizarre. This story is an example of this. 

A few mornings ago, I settled into my breathing and noticed that the snake-like feminine energy at the base of my spine, called kundalini shakti, was beginning to slowly uncoil. Thoroughly enjoying her awakening, I continued to breathe and watch with focused attention, following her lead like a humble student in the presence of a wise guru.

She typically undulates her way up through my centers of energy, hovering where there’s a blockage or stiffness. This morning however, she continued to switchback her way up through my throat, my scull and up beyond my physical structure. Reluctant to let her go any further, I reminded myself of my role, to follow, learn and expand in consciousness.

With strength, grace and clarity of purpose, she rose up to a point above my head, where I then noticed in my mind’s eye an apple tree with plump red apples hanging. Without any hesitation, shakti sprung up and swallowed an apple, like a python snatching its prey. Then, she quickly descended back to her original home and lay in contented stillness.

I have been asking for specific guidance in an area of my life for many years and today, Shakti answered my inquiry with a very clear message—to reach up and grab the apple! My step father, who wrote a book called “Celebrating Eve”, calls Eve a mythic heroine for having the courage to bite the apple. By honoring her inner calling to become who she was born to be, she transformed the world from ignorance into awareness. I now know that it is time for me to do the same.

What apple is lingering over your head? Is there a dream inside of you that you’ve allowed to lie dormant in order to appease a deep fear, or uphold the status quo? This is a time of questioning our life story so that we may become who we were born to be.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said that “People grow if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.” If you’re feeling called to rewrite the script,  the timing is ripe and the world is waiting, just reach up and grab your ownd apple!

Let me know how it goes,