Happy New Year! It’s 2012!!! Are you ready for one of the most significant years in the history of humanity? As I prepare for our exciting January Visioning Retreat, I am called to reflect on two aspects of manifestation:
1. To clarify your path for 2012
2. To leave space for the present moment

I’ve been studying the art of manifestation for about fifteen years now, and I can vividly remember one of my first experiences where I actually manifested a dream within a very short time.

I was teaching high school in Vancouver, and in between relationships. One sunny Saturday morning I decided to take a drive up to Squamish and spend time in the mountains. Within a few hours, I had hiked up to a peak with my travel sized guitar and a picnic. Sitting by a mountain stream, humming “Strumming my pain with his fingers”, I closed my eyes and envisioned my knight in shining armor who would whisk me away from the current emptiness I felt from being single and alone. Within my mind, I embedded the list of qualities I wanted in a mate, deciding that a person of such character would certainly have everything I would need to feel whole and fulfilled.

You know where this is going don’t you? Not a month later, I met a guy who was all that, the musical, outdoorsy engineer with a sharp sense of humor and of course, a passion for affection. The trouble was, I was so focused on my list that I didn’t actually get to know him, I got to know my expectations. Before long, we realized that we had less in common than we thought and we amicably parted ways. It wasn’t until I dove into yoga, and made contact with myself that my emptiness subsided.

This hopefully illustrates the risks involved in creating ideal images of what we think we need or want. Over the years, I have learned to set an intention, by creating a feeling tone of the end result. This doesn’t mean that we create a visual image, per say but more a sense of how we’ll feel when our intentions have come to fruition.
The next step is one of our greatest challenges in this culture, to release our intentions into the spaciousness of the universal mind, where all possibilities are born. To make things even simpler, the only way to access our true potential is to reside in the present moment. By surrendering our clear intentions, we allow universal intelligence to match our inner longings. It’s been my experience that every time I open myself, even a little bit, to trusting the unseen forces at work behind my visual perceptions, magical gifts present themselves.

This is a brand new year like no other, with brand new potential. Document your intentions and then set them free to allow for the organizing power of the universe to assist you in designing the life you have always wanted.

"What you are, is what you have been, what you will be is what you do now." - Buddha

There are a few spots remaining for the January retreat, to register call (902) 444-YOGA. Looking forward to sharing this powerful, enlivening weekend with you!


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Dearest Jenny, I love that when I read your Blog that I actually hear your voice in my head....that when I feel lonely and have the need to be in touch with the most amazing people I have ever had the good fortune to learn along side of, I play, One Voice. I am then transported back to the sense of uncondional love and acceptance....Always, Jeri

Love this message Jenny! We are so proud of you and your amazing accomplishments

Love Natalie