Truth, Love and Freedom

This week’s writing is about love, an essence that studies have proven to be a requirement for human life. Love is also this week’s theme for advent, if you’re celebrating Christmas.

There is a poignant story in the Upanishads (a cherished yogic text) about a young boy named Satyakama. When he becomes of age, he tells his mother that he’s ready to find a teacher and embark on his spiritual journey. Upon arriving at his new teachers home, Satyakama is asked what his lineage is, to reference his background (sounds similar to what we say when we meet someone in the Maritimes—what’s your fathers name?).

The young boy honestly told his teacher that he was born when his mother was very young, and she travelled from place to place as a servant, hence his lineage is unknown (he lived up to his name, which translates into ‘passion for truth’).

Astonished by the boys’ courage to speak his truth without flinching, the teacher replied “None but a true Brahmin (a high priest) could have said that, I will initiate you immediately.”

Imagine what your life would be like if you could fully accept who you are, foibles and all? Instead, we spend so much of our time and energy proving ourselves otherwise, in fear people might penetrate our armor and see our inadequacies.

Through yoga, we learn that at our core resides our essential or true self, which is of Brahmin blood. With this understanding, we can fully love ourselves and then get to the real business of being here; compassionately serving others and enjoying the richness of life.

With my life filled with love, I send you all mine!




Merry Christmas Jenny and Fam!

So true, so true.

Great to see you spreading your message, full steam ahead.