One evening last week, my girls and I were chatting about the different kinds of people in the world. I shared that not everyone has the same loving family system that we happen to be born into. I also told them that when I hear about a child who is living in a hard situation I send him/her love through my thoughts.

Suddenly, Sophia put her spoon down and asked everyone to stop talking. She curled up on the floor under the table and remained perfectly still for a minute or so. Blair and I giggled quietly to ourselves until she emerged from her moment of silence, reporting that she was praying for the mean boys and girls in the world and hoped that they felt her love.

I am currently writing a book about my devastating struggle through anorexia, many years ago. Most people like me, who have been blessed with recovery, have noted that without a spiritual connection, they would still be engaged in the addictive cycle. For me, prayer became a lifeline, providing me with time to connect with myself and with a powerful healing presence. Today, prayer continues to serve as a rudder in my life and calls me to articulate what my deepest longings are.

Do you have a practice of prayer? Do your children know what it means to pray and the value of it? Many people believe that praying is only for the religious but prayer can be as simple as making eye contact with a stressed young mom in the grocery store to send her support, or taking a moment of silence to cherish the wave of your breath at a stop light.

Prayer can be any mindful gesture or activity that brings us closer to our source; the all-knowing, all-loving creative force of the universe. According to this definition, every time we step onto our yoga mat, or sit for meditation, we are in effect, praying and connecting.

What an essential and beautiful gift to pass along to our younger generations, don’t you think?

Happy Holidays everyone, hope to see you at Hatfield’s farm for the sleigh ride on Dec. 31st!


Photo By: Martin Jardine