Make Your Dreams Come True

The most important thing about dream building, is actually having one…

Is there a dream that you’ve always had but haven’t given yourself permission to tend to it? Now is the year for you to give that dream the attention it deserves.

We’re all busy these days, and as a result, you may notice yourself so pre-occupied with daily tasks that your inner visions of the future drop down the ‘to do’ list and don’t receive the time they deserve. A few years pass by and you’re doing the same old thing and wondering where the time went.

Following your heart is NOT selfish or indulgent. It is, in fact, exactly what we are meant to do with our lives! There is a wonderful saying that states: It’s never too late to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. No, it’s not too late and this could be the year you become him/her.

Take a moment to sit quietly with your breath until your mind becomes still and present. Allow a vision or a dream to surface in your minds eye.  Live it in your imagination as fully as you can. Get all your senses involved—what does it look like, how do you feel, what does it smell like, taste like and who is with you? The clearer your image, the easier it will be for your mind to believe you and the faster you’ll move toward that reality.

Picasso said “Everything you can imagine is real.” Your mind cannot distinguish between reality and imagination. This important realization determines why some people succeed in living their dreams and others do not. Whatever you focus on mentally is what you will manifest more of in your life—whether its reality or an unborn dream. This practice of training the mind can be very challenging, often harder than disciplining the body.

Never underestimate the benefit of visualization and positive affirmations, they are powerful ways to harness your potential and draw you closer to fulfilling your dreams.

Once you’re able to visualize where you want to be, now is the time to support that image in words. Create a simple and concise statement or affirmation and say it to yourself throughout the day. A good friend in Vancouver affirms to himself “Good things happen to me all the time”. People are constantly amazed by the good luck and opportunities that seem to fall into his lap.

That is example of a general affirmation; make yours as specific and detailed as possible. Write it down and speak it as though it’s already happened, like “I am thoroughly enjoying my new vehicle/my new job/pregnancy/position in a charity. Thank you God/Universe/Spirit”. Gratitude is another essential key to making it happen, continue to give thanks for the way your life is unfolding, whether you see immediate progress or not.

Write it down and place it somewhere you can read it often, like on a bathroom mirror. With this constant reminder, you’ll notice how your intention grows into reality before your very eyes.  

If you’re setting health goals this year, you may want to consider a yoga class. This ancient practice playfully challenges the physique--involving not only flexibility but also strength and balance. And yoga’s focus on training the mind allows you to hone in on your dreams breath by breath. I know yoga works because I see people feeling better and finding peace every single day.Just as the butterfly emerges from the cocoon in all its color and beauty, give yourself the same opportunity this year to transform and live your dreams.

Happy December everyone!

Jenny K

PS: New Year Visioning Retreat on January 3rd, concepts that Jenny has been successfully living and teaching for years. Dreams fulfilled would make a wonderful Christmas Gift and many couples in the past have taken this program  together to align their visions. Call Blair at 902-444-9642 to register-Place Chocolate Lake Hotel-Time 9am till 4pm-Cost $99.00