The Joy of ancestral connections

Sometimes when we’re in need of a little TLC and call out for help, the source of support can come in surprising ways. 
Faced with multiple family illnesses, Blair has been dealing with the typical challenges of preparing for the passing of a close family member. Last week he went looking for a particular book in hopes of finding an answer to a question in his heart, when he stumbled upon another one that provided the deeply meaningful guidance he was seeking.
He had never noticed the message inscribed on the inside cover of “Simple Abundance; Daily tips for Comfort and Joy”, written from his deceased sister 12 years ago. He held the book to his heart and wept in gratitude, savoring her affirming note of love for him.
Our lives are lived with those who walk along side us in flesh and blood as well as those from previous generations who have prepared the way for us. Sometimes the support we need comes from those who have left this earth, but who exist as our guides. As one of our teachers in training quoted this past weekend, our lives are guided by a thousand generations of love. 
May you feel the Joy of this ancestral love today!