Remembering Joy

Last week Blair and I went to Toronto for the Women of Influence Awards Gala. Having not had a trip away together, children free, for over seven years, I found myself sliding back into the carefree woman I was before assuming the huge responsibility of parenthood. I ate wheat, sugar and dairy. I ignored emails, wore heels and drank some wine. What’s most memorable though is how much I laughed, mainly at Blair. 
I found that the more we laughed, the hungrier I got for more, so I went with it and allowed the giggles to run their course. We laughed all morning long and by the time we got to the airport, I had just about reached my bandha threshold (the pelvic floor muscles that contain one’s pee). 
So when Blair, in Cape Bretonese, asked the man at the baggage check to put a fragile sticker on his suitcase to protect his specialty beer, I had to drop into a deep squat and plug my ears to keep myself from peeing all over the pristine airport floor. When he asked the same man if his plastic grocery bag full of Toronto bagels could serve as his carry on bag, I had to sprint to the washroom.
What we did in Toronto was not only have a wacky playful trip, but we created a Joy-filled memory that we can, and do, return to over and over. As humans, we connect most intimately through story telling and sharing memories. Unfortunately, most of us unconsciously follow the trends of society and relive negative, fear-based experiences. 
Take a quick moment now to recall a funny or nourishing memory of Joy from your near or distant past…notice where it lands inside of you and how it feels. Let the warmth of Joy spread through your whole body, flowing up into your heart and your throat, expressing itself on your face as a smile. Now go and share that Joyful memory with someone and have a good ol’ belly laugh.