Expand your light...

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and burnt out by the negativity of the world? It's not hard these days, but you can’t give up, because the world needs people like you.

I just spent a final weekend with our newly certified yoga teachers in NFLD, many of whom, work with children. From parental suicide to abuse and poverty, these dedicated people are supporting children through some deeply troubling situations. 
Despite how hopeless we may feel about the state of humanity today, we must keep shining the light on the darkness of our current Iron Age, described by the yoga tradition as Kali Yuga. Without our commitment to spreading light, love, goodness and awareness, we’re destined to remain in the dark forever.
While your efforts do make a difference, the fruits of your labor may not appear as quickly as you might hope, but it’s not our place to put a time frame on change. What you can do is ensure that as you serve in the beautiful way you do, that you also take time to stoke your inner radiance.
Research is now proving that we are all actually made of light. In fact, our DNA is a storehouse of energy, emitting small units of light. Each time we offer ourselves in service, or engage in spiritual practice or share love, we activate the highest frequency of light within us. And when we experience awakened states of super-consciousness, we attune to the light of the whole universe (hence the term enlightenment). 
The following is a brief exercise that will help you to access this storehouse of light energy that lives within. 
Find a comfortable seat, close your eyes and open your imagination. Take a few deep, full inhalations followed by a few slow, complete exhalations. When you’re ready, imagine a ball of white light in the center of your heart. Each breath you take allows this ball of light energy to expand. 
Watch as this light force drops into your belly, filling your abdomen with warmth. Let this light continue down into your pelvic cavity, softening any tension behind your navel and across your pelvic floor. Feel the luminous energy travel down your legs, filling your entire lower body with beams and streams of light.
Draw your attention back to your heart space and allow this light to float up into the throat center, bringing healing to your throat and neck. Imagine turning on a light in a darkened room, and flick on the light within your skull. And finally allow the light to spread into your crown and above your head, illuminating the space above and below, in front of and behind your physical body.
Now before you open your eyes, set the intention to let these centers of light shine brightly throughout your day, nurturing you and those you serve. Slowly open your eyes and have a beautiful, light-filled day!