A door opens...

“The moment you accept what troubles you’ve been given, the door will open.” Rumi

A few years ago, as I was completing a yoga session with Juno award winner Meagan Smith, she surprised me with the question “What’s it like being you, Jenny?” I happened to be going through a difficult period at the time and answered authentically, “It’s not easy right now.”  When I asked her the same question, I was struck by the commonality in our answers, as she too shared about her challenges despite her successful career trajectory.
So often we view other people who appear to ‘have it altogether’—with beauty, fame, money, career success—as somehow exempt from the typical challenges we ordinary people face. In our sophisticated first world society, we have become well practiced in the art of presenting a brave face. We iron out the wrinkles, cover the food stains and hide our disappointment behind accessories and make up. 
But the truth is, whether you’re a cashier, a gardener, a teacher or a politician, we’re all experiencing the same messy dramas of the human condition. I think one of the things that is so compelling about our teacher training program is that both Blair and I openly share our wounded-ness and our imperfections, which instantly dissolves any envy or competitiveness that may have been present. 
Instead of living out our lives, believing we are the only one’s privately enduring failure, insecurity or longing, we can rest assured that we are not alone. The next time an acquaintance responds with “I’m just awesome, life is superb,” know with certainty that they too feel depressed, unfulfilled or resentful sometimes. 
While I don’t advise you spill your broken heart out to everyone you encounter, I do invite you this week to authentically share the true story of your life with someone with whom you trust. As Rumi says, “a new door will open,” as you create a unique opportunity for a beautiful human connection.