Good thing you're rich!

When I moved back to the Maritimes 13 years ago, I arrived with my beloved mountain bike, a backpack and a hefty visa bill. The first six months of teaching yoga, I lived at home and made an income that slid easily below the poverty line. While my physical wealth was about as low as it could be, my inner world was completely open to the financial freedom I was committed to enjoying.

I grew up very modestly, we had enough money but times were tight on a teacher’s salary with three active kids. Although we always had enough, there was an underlying fear that we’d somehow run out. Scarcity was a belief not to be questioned, but to be accepted and lived within.  
In yoga however, we work to both condition the body and decondition the mind. I had returned from my adventures into the depths of my being, having turned over every belief I had acquired from my childhood. Turns out there were some that no longer fit my paradigm. 
And so I got to work. I infused my entire life with thoughts, visions and affirmations of financial ease. When visiting the bank to pay off my visa, I’d recite the affirmation “Good thing I’m rich!” When at the grocery store, where I often had panic attacks about scarcity, I’d say with conviction, “Good thing I’m rich!” 
The cool thing about this process is that the law of attraction doesn’t distinguish between reality and imagination, it just moves in the direction that is given the most attention. If we focus on the fact we don’t have enough; that will be true. If we focus on abundance, that too will become our reality because life happens first in the subtle realm of the mind and then manifests in the physical plane.
Last week we had our stereo stolen from our car while teaching in Moncton. After picking up the girls from mom’s place, we told them what happened. My eldest quickly responded to the disappointing news by saying “Well Mom, Good thing we have enough!” Not only was I thrilled to hear my intention mirrored back to me, but also that our next generation is growing up with abundance consciousness. 
The next time you notice yourself sink into the gloopy state of scarcity, take a few deep breaths and welcome abundance into your life with the affirmation “Good thing I’m rich!”
To the moon!