Jenny Kierstead and the Power of Why..

I’ve spent my career helping entrepreneurs and business leaders share their stories and insights with the world. 

When people first come to me, they’re usually in a big rush to tell me what they do and why it’s so awesome/innovative/earth shattering/game-changing etc.
I always listen as patiently and lovingly as I can. And then I use all the powers of persuasion vested in me to teach them this fundamental truth about story-telling:
People don’t respond to what you do. They respond to why you do it. 
That’s true in relationships, in life and in business.
I first had the opportunity to help Jenny Kierstead tell her story 11 years ago.  I was a journalism student at the University of King’s College and interviewed her for a campus radio show.
In the last few years, I’ve worked with Jenny on two separate occasions, using my skills to help her share her business story with the world. 
That “why” conversation I talked about earlier? The one where I have to convince an entrepreneur to stop talking about WHAT they do and start sharing WHY they do it? 
I’ve never had to have that chat with Jenny.  
Because she’s always understood the power of purpose.
When I first met her, I found myself drawn to the gentle, nurturing energy she radiated. (If you’ve met her, you’ll know what I’m talking about.) 
Today I know that the energy she radiates isn’t mystical or woo-woo. 
That energy is actually a deep-seated sense of purpose – to awaken the extraordinary. 
Jenny knows why she’s here, and she lives, breathes, and shares that purpose in her business and in her life.
Staying true to that purpose has helped her introduce yoga to thousands of high school students around Nova Scotia, and it has helped her build a celebrated and sustainable business model. But it’s not just yoga students who are drawn to Jenny’s WHY. 
As a finalist for the RBC Women of Influence Trailblazer Award, people from the upper echelons of Canada’s business community are connecting with and being moved by Jenny’s mission.
When we are deeply connected to our purpose, it radiates and manifests in everything we do. 
I’ve always thought it a beautiful irony that Jenny -- a lifelong educator, who has built a life and a business around teaching people about the healing power of yoga -- chose “Awaken the Extraordinary” as a tagline for her business. 
Because at the root of “educate” is the Latin word educare. 
It means “to bring forth something that’s within you”. 
It means “to awaken the extraordinary”.
Now isn’t that a story worth sharing?
Eleanor Beaton is a writer, blogger and story coach. Find her at
Thank you Eleanor for your extraordinary work over the years, wishing you continued success and fulfillment in your thriving career.