I am Shakti

This is a poem I wrote as part of the new Girl on Fire Program that I am designing to empower our female teens to thrive in this world. I’ll be presenting this exciting work to teachers next week in New Brunswick. 

I am Shakti
I am the creative, animating force within all life forms.
I freely express my sheer exuberance and joy for being alive.
Hair flowing, heart beating, I run wild with the animals.
Swimming naked in the seas, I embody the tidal currents.
With razor sharp instincts and intuitive wisdom, 
I rage fiercely to right the wrongs,
And hold the wounded tenderly when love is lost.
My presence casts light on the soul's dark shadows, 
Healing the ailment of illusion.
I am the luminous flame,
Guiding you out of the fog of fear,
Calling you to live boldly on your terms
And travel pathways that support your true purpose.
With one glance, my beauty can alter your life forever, 
And you can find me within the core of your being, 
Where the power of the universe pulses.
Exuberantly joyful, wise and powerful,
I am Shakti.
Regardless of your gender, may you live boldly today with the exuberance of Shakti!