Mountain Pose...Anywhere,Anytime

Jammed into our foyer closet in an attempt to be invisible, I press my backside against the narrow wall and tell myself that I’m taking this fun game of hide and seek much too seriously. Despite the fact my jovial golden doodle is madly wagging her tail and sniffing through the cracks, my five year old, who gets easily distracted by food and crafts, takes ten minutes to find me. 

Realizing that I may be here a while, I decide to seize the moment and quietly move the sneakers out from under me so I become firmly grounded. Exploring my mountain stance in an attempt to abate my sense of claustrophobia, I focus on my feet suctioning into the earth. As I generate this downward action, I invite the earth’s energy to rise up into my legs, bringing buoyancy and lightness to my self imposed prison term in the closet. I check for pelvic alignment by drawing my navel point back, which naturally lengthens my tailbone downward. 
I anchor my shoulder blades onto my back ribs and press them into the wall, allowing my stifled breath to flow a little smoother. Aligning my head over my shoulders, I soften the tension through my jaw and scalp, reminding myself that it really doesn’t matter if my damn dog is giving away my wicked hiding spot.
I continue to dance with the balance between anchoring through my lower body and lifting spaciously through my upper torso, neck and head. When my seeker finally discovers me, I am so engrossed in my internal experience that I scream in surprise, frightening and delighting both of us.
Everyday I hear things like “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do right now” or “I just can’t fit yoga into my day.” The next time you find yourself in a moment of pause, be it in a store line up, pumping gas or hiding in a coat closet, seize the opportunity to refine your posture and economize your energy with these tips on Mountain Pose.  
Yoga, anywhere, anytime.