Build it and they will come...

“Build it and they will come.”

Field of Dreams

That quote is posted on my computer as a reminder of my vision that has unfolded over the years. What began about 15 years ago as a niggling feeling of being improperly placed in my work as a Phys. Ed teacher, grew into an all consuming pre-occupation with the healing arts, which lead me to India and extensive study in yoga. 
When I finally made the courageous decision to leave my position in Vancouver and return home to the east coast, my lofty dreams were not greeted with the same excitement I felt inside. “You’re what? Leaving your permanent teaching position to start your own business teaching yoga…in the Maritimes?” was my father’s response.
Had I not obeyed my inner calling (which, by the way, when you are called, you have no choice but to listen), we would not be celebrating the opening of our fifth Breathing Space Yoga Studio.
Kaitlyn and Steve Skinner, a very courageous and brilliant couple, have taken the plunge into unknown waters to build their own dreams, which includes Breathing Space Yoga and Wellness Centre AND Zen Tea Café. They too were faced with a mountain of adversity. While many might have backed down in submission to the overwhelming challenges, they chose to tighten their laces and pursue the summit.
Today, they stand on the peak, enjoying the view and fruits of their labor, as they officially open the doors to their new space.
Having met with their team of dynamic and dedicated yogis this past weekend, I am moved by the reality that because Kaitlyn and Steve followed their hearts desire, they’ve attracted a team of individuals who are inspired to do the same.
I hope you too can see the ripple effect of your life choices and the beauty that arises when you let yourself be guided by your own inner calling. It’s a perfect day to lace up your hikers and take steps toward your own summit.
Congratulations Kaitlyn and Steve!
PS: The new studio is located at 6389 Coburg Road-446-9642