I'll have just one more...

“I’ll just have one more, and then I’ll tackle this unhealthy habit.” 

The addictive mind is most convincing. I remember the dialogue, telling myself that this would be the last run, or the last day I skip a meal before I’d kick the eating disorder. My dance with denial went on for years before I actually overcame my addictive patterns. 
We somehow think that if we just have one more bite (or drink, toke, outburst, workout, video etc) that we’ll then be satiated for life? Unfortunately, once the chemical hit wears off, we once again find ourselves back in the same cycle of craving. 
To be perfectly clear: the addictive mind is never satisfied!!! It will always attempt to rationalize why one more hit is the best decision of your life: when in fact, it’s the opposite. Ever wonder why there are no severely obese elderly people? Because they don’t survive that long.
The addictive voice is not looking out for your best interest. It will continue to lure you down the destructive path, until you’ve ruined any chance of a healthy future.   
Stephen Covey believed that the most important quality that determines success in life is self-discipline. This week, as we embark on a whole new season and step into moments we’ve never encountered before, I invite you to apply the yogic principle of Tapas, the practice of self- discipline. 
Don’t put wellness off until tomorrow, now is the perfect time to make choices that will lead you into a life of health, peace and harmony. And of course, a yoga class will help guide you there.
Affirmation: Today I listen to the inner voice of strength and self-discipline so that I may enjoy a life of health, peace and harmony.