The power of ONE voice…

The year was 2007. The LaFarge Cement Plant located on Shortt’s Lake, just outside of Truro was busy making plans to economize on their fuel source by burning tires.

My parents, Emily Kierstead and Don Murray, both in their late 60’s, worked tirelessly (pardon the pun) for two full years; petitioning against the burning of tires. Armed with scientific data, they informed both the government and the public of the dangerous implications of such careless human behavior. 
In her public speech to the Minister of the Environment, Mom shared that “A dioxin is identified as the most toxic chemical produced by humankind. Stored in our body fat, dioxins are linked with cancer, birth defects, immune disorders and abnormal behavior. In the 1950’s the incidence of breast cancer in women was 1 in 50. Now it is 1 in 9. It is predicted that in twenty years, it will be 1 in 3.”
Indeed, the great idea to burn tires would have increased exposure to dioxins 30% and other carcinogens up to 83%.  Thanks to Mom and Don and their dire commitment to ensuring a healthy environment for their grandchildren, we are all breathing easy in NS.
How many times have you felt strongly about an injustice but not taken action, believing that your voice wasn’t big enough to matter?  My retired parents, who took on a multinational corporation and won, are proof that we can all do the same, and we must. 
Enjoying the view at the Lake last week, after hearing why her fair skin needed sunblock, Sophia spoke out, “Mommy, I’m going to save the Ozone somehow!” 
I responded, “I have no doubt you will my dear.”
The Power of ONE is all it takes and the future survival of the planet depends on your voice, so speak out!