Red Heart Strings

After many months of planning for the Berwick Yoga Fest, it finally all came together this past weekend. During the captivating concert by Kirtan Soul Revival, Helen invited us to close our eyes and imagine a network of Red Heart Strings connecting each individual to the other and then extending that connection out to the whole world.

In this silent moment, I had an amazing realization. Although I had carefully selected the theme for the weekend and the presenters, I didn’t quite realize the variety of faith traditions that would be represented. 
We did an earth meditation that heightened our connection to nature. We did yoga. We did Buddhist meditation. We walked the Christian labyrinth. We sang Kirtan, the devotional yoga of sound and we made art with creative genius Holly Carr.
In the final wrap up session, after tenderly sharing some yoga therapy postures in partners, we shared our final reflections. One woman spoke up, and said “I feel embraced by a million Red Heart Strings!” If the practice of yoga is a practice of uniting all aspects of ourselves with the evolutionary force of the universe, we certainly did yoga this weekend. 
Our cultural conditioning encourages separation, but that can deprive us of rich opportunities to connect through love. This week, imagine yourself connected to those around you with a common thread of Red Heart Strings and I hope you experience the abundance we shared this weekend.
PS: my deepest gratitude goes out to our amazing Team of volunteers and to our extraordinary Breathing Space Teachers, who connected our heart strings through joy, laughter and of course, streams of sweat.